Electrical Workshops

Electricity from Scratch
This 3-day workshop started as a multiskilling course developed to enable Instrumentation staff and Fitters to carry out first-line maintenance on Electrical systems. It gives anyone interested (e.g. Mechanical engineers and technicians) a first-hand view of electricity, and how to use it safely.

  • Ohm’s Law: Including Power and Energy
  • Electricity and Magnetism: Creating a magnetic field, and Faraday’s Law
  • Reactive Components: DC; Transient reactions
  • Reactive Components: AC; Power Factor, Power Factor Correctio
  • Over-Current Protection: Overload vs Short-Circuit; Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  • Earthing: Earthing for Safety, and Earth Leakage Protection
  • Transformers: Operation: step-up and step down; 1- and 3-phase devices; efficiency
  • Lighting: Incandescent; Fluorescent; HID; and LED; efficiency
  • Motors: AC Motor operation; Speed Torque relationship
  • Starting methods: (DOL vs Star/Delta)
  • IP Ratings: Installed environment concerns
  • Service Factor: Effects of repeated starts
  • Insulation ratings: How these relate to temperature

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Variable Speed Drives