Variable Speed Drives

This 2-day course covers the good, the bad and the ugly of motors, starters and drives. Includes pitfalls for the inexperienced, and the differences between Electronic Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives.

Next course: 22/23 October 2019   Cost: R 5 500,00 (no VAT)  CPD Points: 2

5AC Motors: Working principles, speed/torque relationships, conventional and electronic starting methods.
VSDs: Rectifiers and the DC Link; Voltage/Frequency relationships; Pulse Width Modulation; Vector Control.
Load braking: DC Injection braking; dynamic braking; regenerative braking.
VSD downsides: Harmonics; low speed cooling issues; low speed torque problems; motor-side problems as a result of PWM; EMC issues; and mitigation methods. Waveforms are shown of voltage/current on supply and motor sides.
Load/Motor/Drive interaction: Constant- and Variable-torque loads; inertia and acceleration; choice of motors.
Project planning for success: Issues to be covered and avoided for successful projects.
Drive Configuration: Essential parameters to be configured before starting the VSD.
Bus control overview: A look at Profibus and how it controls vs using conventional Inputs/Outputs.

Watch video.

Suitable for:
Engineers: Motor/drive selection; potential project problems and overcoming these.
Technicians: Project implementation; proper configuration; trouble-shooting.
Artisans: Commissioning; trouble-shooting; configuration changes and effects.