Electrical Workshops

Electricity from Scratch
Ever wonder what those electrical people are talking about?
2 days: R 6 000,00 Plus optional 3rd day: Total R 9 000,00
Next course: To be confirmed
Workshop covers:

Electrical Units: Volts/Amps/Ohms/Watts, and safe measurement
Electricity and Magnetism: Creating magnetic fields; Faraday’s Law
Controlling current flow: Switches, relays and contactors
Reactive Components: DC Inductors and Capacitors vs resistors?
Reactive Components: AC Power Factor,  Reactance and Impedance
Transformers: Operation: step-up & -down; 1- & 3-phase devices; efficiency
Over-Current Protection: Overloads & Short-Circuits; Fuses and Breakers
Human Safety: Earthing for Safety, and Earth Leakage Protection
Motors: DC vs AC Motor operation; Speed vs Torque relationships
                Starting methods: DOL vs Star/Delta vs Electronic Soft Starters
Motor Nameplate information
               Mounting styles; Frame sizes
               IP Ratings: Installed environment concerns
               Service Factor: Effects of repeated starts
               Insulation ratings: How these relate to temperature
Lighting: Incandescent; Fluorescent; HID; and LED lamps; efficiency

Optional Third day: Variable Speed Drives
How VSDs control motor speed
Relationship between load, motor and VSD; Load braking
Potential problem areas: Harmonics; electrical interference;
     low speed cooling; over-speed torque reduction; Vector control

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Variable Speed Drives