Centrifugal Pumps

Pump Sizing and Selection

Pumps are often treated as commodities, and providing they produce enough volume, are ignored. However, there are very few plants where pumps are not a headache – maintenance problems or mysterious non-delivery or even periodic catastrophic pump destruction. This 2-day workshop shows how pumps should be sized for a particular application; the reasons for pump problems, and overcoming them through proper sizing, installation and operation.

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Next course: 24/25 October 2019  Cost: R 5 500,00 (no VAT) CPD Points: 2

Pump Types: Positive displacement vs Centrifugal; Radial- Mixed- and Axial-Flow pumps
Cavitation: NPSHA; NPSHR; and calculation to demonstrate avoiding cavitation
Pump Curves: Understanding these, and applying them correctly
Static and Dynamic Heads: Friction losses and system calculations
Pumps in Parallel and Series: Overcoming myths, and working out resultant flow
Effects of Higher Viscosity Liquids: Establishing revised parameters
Installation, Commissioning and Verification of Pump Parameters
Fine Tuning: Use of Variable Speed Drives; Impeller Trim; Throttling; Bypass
Computer Programs for pump selection
Discussion on pump problems, with potential solutions

Selecting pumps for operation close to the Best Efficiency Point, for maximum up-time
Monitor pump efficiency, availability and reliability
Trouble-shoot pump problems