C&I for Other Disciplines

i6One of the problems in any plant, is that few people outside the Control environment understand anything of the complexities of, and the need for, properly functioning control systems. This 2-day workshop takes ‘outsiders’ through what is required to make a plant function effectively.

Next course: TBC   Cost: R 6 000,00 (no VAT) CPD Points: 2

Without expecting any specialist knowledge, this workshop gradually moves through the inputs and outputs required for a control system; how they function; accuracy and its importance; and how the system fits together.
Along the way, the more important details are filled in: for instance, how is control carried out? What are the important control strategies? What are the implications if measurement and control are not carried out properly? What are the differences between continuous- and batch processes? How can manufacturing be tracked? How can plant information be used in the MIS and ERP environments?

Suitable for
Executives, financial staff, production people, other engineering disciplines such as Mechanical and Electrical, who need to understand the importance of Control and Automation better.