Data Communication


Virtually all information is transmitted digitally. There are many ways of doing this: from the old RS-232 to all of the Ethernet variants. This 2-day workshop covers the hows and whys, from the physical media used, through the most popular communication protocols. This includes the reasons for the protocol variety currently used.

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i5Digital Data Communication began with the telegraph, and Morse Code. From there it evolved, but with many of the older conventions carried over to later methods. Here we cover the physical media (copper, fibre, wireless), including issues of noise and interference, and error detection and correction.
From there, we move to the need for protocols, and how the various protocols emerged. Just as important, is why there are so many protocols, and how different applications shape the need for them.
Most of the popular protocols are covered: Profibus (DP & PA); Foundation Fieldbus; DeviceNet/ControlNet; A-Si; and the Ethernet derilvatives (ProfiNet; Foundation Ethernet; EthernetIP; EtherCat, etc).

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of Data Communication issues, differences between various protocols, and which is most appropriate in various circumstances.