Loop Control

Loop Control is central to plant profitability. This 2-day course covers classic 3-term (PID) control. Using a realistic control loop simulation, it allows safe ‘playing’ to demonstrate how loops can be tuned using classic methods such as Ziegler & Nichols, but also how loops can be fine-tuned to optimise results. Ways of handling Dead Time using Cascade- and Feed-Forward control are covered, as well as Ratio Control.

Next course: 26/27 March 2020   Cost: R 6 000,00 (no VAT) CPD Points: 2

Why Process Control? Reasons why plant profitability is affected by poor control
PID control: What, how, where, and where not.
Other impacts: Instrument range, and Valve Sizing – the impact of these.
Process Types: Self-regulating, and Integrating. How these are handled.
Dead-Time handling: ‘Windowing’; Cascade Control; Feed-Forward Control.Ratio Control: Its purpose, and how it is carried out.

Teaching Tool
10PC ControLab is a package designed to allow realistic plant conditions to be simulated, and to permit ‘hands-on’ time without the danger of upsetting the plant. Every step of the way, delegates get to try out every aspect of control, including different process types, and the effect of control valve problems on the loop.

Suitable for
Instrumentation and Control staff, as well as Process people wanting to improve plant efficiency, or simply wanting to discover what lies behind proper control.

Should have at least some basic Instrumentation knowledge (see also ‘Process Field Equipment‘).