PLC Programming Advanced


This workshop carries on from where the PLC Introduction course left off. in this 5-day workshop, participants are introduced to analog input and output values, and the scaling of these. Also, participants are expected to write programs controlling temperature, level and flow in a multi-tank setup involving speed-controlled pumps, thyristor controlled temperatures in tanks, control- and solenoid valves, and of course the measurement involved.

Equipment used
6A choice of PLCs (currently Delta, Siemens and a CoDeSys-programmed PLC) is used to control the movement of water from inlet, via a combination of pumps and valves, to one or more tanks where the temperature, level and flow rate will be controlled by whichever PLC is used, to the eventual draining of water from the tanks.
This workshop will show participants the programming methodology to accomplish this, and they will then be expected to carry this out. This is similar to tasks carried out in a working plant, and is an excellent exercise in testing the ability to make a control system behave in the expected way, following a functional description.

Suitable for
This is not a ‘from scratch’ course. It is suitable for anyone who has attended the PLC Introduction workshop, or something similar (in other words, some previous experience is necessary).

The participants will have learned how to program a PLC to achieve a reasonably demanding result, and to commission the system much as would be expected in real life.