PLC Programming Intro

This 2-day program gives PLC novices a thorough grounding in PLC programming. While some knowledge of Input and Output devices is taken for granted, the course starts off assuming no previous PLC programming knowledge.

Next course: -To be confirmed  Cost: R 6 000,00 (no VAT)

Tools used
7A Siemens S7-200 is used, connected to a small conveyor belt. We have found that the program is much more relevant when the PLC has to physically make something move. Each attendee gets one of these conveyors, connected to a Computer loaded with relevant software (no sharing).

The introduction is through Ladder Diagram. Starting with simple Boolean logic, students are introduced to to Timers, Counters, Flip-Flops, Comparators and Arithmetic Function Blocks. At each stage, exercises are set, allowing delegates to see the principles in action.
Examples of exercises include Traffic Lights, and a Parking Garage. Towards the end of the course, students write a program to move a disc from the centre of the conveyor to the left hand side, where it stops for a second. It then moves the disc to the right hand side, where it again stops for a second. This process is repeated three times, then the disc is moved to the centre of the conveyor, where it stops, and sounds a buzzer three times, for half a second per buzz. This exercise tests most of the concepts taught.
Students are also given a brief introduction to Function Block Diagram, and Statement List programming.

Suitable for
Electrical and Instrumentation artisans wanting to get into PLC programming.
People from other disciplines (e.g. Mechanical) wanting an insight into control using PLCs.

Can be followed by PLC Programming – Advanced